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Air Package for 150$

Water Package for 200$

Fire Package for 250$



Magical Package 1 for 60 $
25,000 CREDITS

Magical Package 2 for 110 $
50,000 CREDITS

Magical Package 3 for 150 $
75,000 CREDITS

Magical Package 4 for 200 $
100,000 CREDITS

Magical Package 5 for 400 $
250,000 CREDITS

Magical Package 6 for 600 $
500,000 CREDITS



Magical Package 1
Targeted Unique 2500 Visitors for 15$

Magical Package 2
Targeted Unique 5000 Visitors for 25$

Magical Package 3
Targeted Unique 10,000 Visitors for 50$

Magical Package 4
Targeted Unique 25,000 Visitors for 100$

Magical Package 5
Targeted Unique 50,000 Visitors for 150$

Magical Package 6
Targeted Unique 100,000 Visitors for 220$




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